The legendary Motorhead founder and frontman is ill.

The seemingly indestructible rocker recently fell and damaged his hip.

He also had an ICD (implantable cardioverter-defribullator) implanted after being diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.  (This gadget basically shoots a teeny lightning bolt into his heart if an irregular beat is detected!)

He also recently suffered a hematoma that laid him up. He got over that pretty quickly and, according to Motorhead insiders was back to his normal routine of "breathing, talking, f—ing, drinking, eating and reading.”   He may have been a little to quick to jump back on those particular band wagons though.  He's now been ordered to rest, thus all the concert cancellations.

According to Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee;

Everything started with him falling and getting a nasty blow to his hip a little over a week ago.”

Following his fall, Lemmy had more bad luck when a fire alarm went off at the hotel Royal Kensington in London where he was staying. He had to walk eight stairs in the middle of the night. Lemmy’s personal assistant said that that was f—ed up and that he had an injured hip.”

He needs to have his body drained of fluid and that can’t be done too quickly. When he remains in bed and can’t move, he can easily get pneumonia … If you can’t move properly, other issues will follow.

Dee continues:

He is devastated beyond belief. It has a bigger effect on him than it would anyone else. It’s like chopping off a piano player’s hands. This is his life.”

“I am worried because he’s not doing so well right now." “But he’s improving, even though it takes longer for him than anyone else to become well. Now that the doctors feel that he shouldn’t go out an play you’ll just have to accept that order.”

Hopefully, Lemmy will be better and kicking ass again soon.  Send him a get well message on his facebook page (or on the Motorhead page) and hope for the best!!

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