This weekend in Hangtown; it was Girls Gone Wild!!

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This weekend in Sacramento, the AMA womens national motocross got going!  Defending champ Jessica Patterson, Ashley Fiolek and Steffi Laier being the top 3 to watch! Patterson and her Yamaha rule the day!

It all winds up with Patterson first, Fiolek in 2nd and Steffi gets 3rd!!  Points wise, it reads the same .... Jessica has 50, Ashley 44 and Steffi's at 40!

Girls, bikes and dirt ... I love it!!!!!!!

Speaking of girls ... time for the obligatory shot of my blondie!  (Far left .. in a dress this time!!) 

Ok ... now.  The nationals began this week as well!!  Not as easy on the eyes, but yep, the guys rode too!  Some familiar names out there this week ... Reed, Villopoto, Windham, Dungey!  No Alessi though, most likely due to a concussion. (His bell got rung last week!)  Barcia, Baggett and Sipes out for the lites class!!

The main event sees Supercross champ Ryan Villopoto back in action and ready to tear up Hangtown!!  He has to settle for 3rd today though, behind Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed who takes the win in National number 1!!  There are lots more coming in this series and I'll help you keep up each and every Motorcycle Monday thanks to Santa Teressa Motorsports and KLAQ!!

Top 3 points and their positions for National numero uno are:

Chad Reed 47

Ryan Dungey 47

Ryan Villopoto 40

Read more about all that happened this weekend .. and check out more pictures .. at!