It wasn't an attempt to end my life, it was actually to help better some lives. It really happened though, under well supervised conditions.

Call it stupid or, crazy; say "that's what happens when you don't give your kids enough attention", whatever ... the animals at the El Paso Zoo love me for it.

As a child, you were probably talked into something that prompted the elders to ask you; "if they told you to jump off a building, would you?"

Well, my boss did tell me to do that and I immediately agreed. Honestly, I couldn't wait to jump on ... well OFF, I guess ... board with his plan.

Why Would You Jump Off A 15 Story Building?

The Amigo Man did it and I hate being upstaged I guess.

Over The Edge sets up rappelling events in cities all over to raise money for local causes, doing all kinds of things. In our case, it was to help the El Paso Zoo.

Pretty simple scenario. They take, in my case, someone who has no idea how to rappel, give them about 5 minutes of training, then shove 'em off a 15 story building.

What could go wrong?

Dubba G Goes Over The Edge Of The Mills Building

Photos From Dubba G's Charity "Leap" From The Mills Building

DONE ... Insert "happy" emoji here.

The Over The Edge staff know their shizzle, the equipment s very safe and easy to operate and, if you do what they say, you're good.

Worst case scenario was a guy getting stuck about halfway down. All that happened there was he "hung around" until a staffer could rappel down and release his brake.

I would TOTALLY do it again....

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