The 2012 season is up and running ... with all the action, suspense and wrecks you've come to expect from the greatest sport EVER!!

A beautiful day, a sold out crowd and the best MX riders EVER ... that's how Supercross 2012 started this weekend! 

Here's the recap brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports!  910 Livingston in the Upper Valley ... Spring will be here before you know it, start getting ready for it with a new Victory or some new accesories!  Or maybe, just fix what broke over the winter at Santa Teresa Motorsports!  Everything you need at awesome prices!!

This week, (I said he was gonna kick ass this season and he's off to a great start!) Villopoto takes the win in Anaheim! 

The battle stays pretty much between Dungey, Short, Stewart, and Reed with Villopoto staying way out front most of the time! (Like there was ever any doubt where he’d be!?!?) My prediction for Villopoto held up as did my Stewart predictions. He's (Stewart) good when he's OUT of trouble and ON the track. His wipeouts always do him in and this week he had a couple!

Bubba is still in the thick of things mostly though, and all eyes are pretty much on him, Dungey and Reed. All former Supercross champs and all bunched up in the middle, fighting for second!

In the end though, there is only one and it's Villopoto. My prediction for Villopoto: 2012 is all his; but my man Dungey is going to make him WORK for it. HARD!!

Points are below, but the top 3 for opening week: Villopoto, Reed, Dungey!!

In the lites, everyone thought it was going to be all Dean Wilson!

Cole Seely gets it done though! From out of nowhere, which I LOVED!  It’s always great to see the underdogs come up and get some!  Lites points are below also, tune in to The Q and/or log on to next week for a full recap!

Last but not least, some local stuff!!  A very good friend of mine ... and a helluva rider in his own right ... is moving away.  Courtney Nelson.  He's taught me a lot about bikes over the years, about radio and even a few things about myself.  

Come on along as we all take a last lap with Courtney. A "Victory Lap" if you will, for he leaves KLAQ where she belongs ... where he brought her (and the rest of us) to ... the top!   KLAQ PD, Townsquare medias Operations Manager and and all around great fu***ng guy; we're gonna miss you Court!

There it went, the fastest couple of minutes in radio … Motorcycle Monday! Every week thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports and 95.5 KLAQ!!

250 West 15 Lap Main Event Results

1.Cole Seely - HON

2.Tyla Rattray - KAW

3.Eli Tomac - HON

4.Marvin Musquin - KTM

5.Ryan Sipes - YAM

6.Dean Wilson - KAW

7.Jason Anderson - SUZ

8.Wil Hahn - HON

9.Zach Osborne - YAM

10.Travis Baker - HON

11.Matt Moss - KTM

12.Nico Izzi - YAM

13.T Maier - HON

14.B Laninovich - HON

15.Vince Friese - HON

16.Max Anstie - HON

17.Ryan Marmont - KTM

18.J Richardson - HON

19.Martin Davalos - SUZ

20.Christian Craig - HON

Supercross 20 Lap Main Event Results

1. Ryan Villopoto - KAW

2.Chad Reed - HON

3.Ryan Dungey - KTM

4.Justin Brayton - HON

5.Jake Weimer - KAW

6.James Stewart - YAM

7.Andrew Short - HON

8.Kevin Windham - HON

9.Mike Alessi - SUZ

10.Josh Hansen - KAW

11.Brett Metcalfe - SUZ

12.Broc Tickle - KAW

13.Ivan Tedesco - KAW

14.Kyle Chisholm - KAW

15.Ryan Morais - YAM

16.Davi Millsaps - YAM

17.J Albertson - SUZ

18.Chris Blose - KAW

19.Josh Grant - KAW

20.Thomas Hahn - HON

250 West Point Standings

1.Cole Seely - 25

2.Tyla Rattray - 22

3.Eli Tomac - 20

4.Marvin Musquin - 18

5.Ryan Sipes - 16

6.Dean Wilson - 15

7.Jason Anderson - 14

8.Wil Hahn - 13

9.Zach Osborne - 12

10.Travis Baker - 11

11.Matt Moss - 10

12.Nico Izzi - 9

13.T Maier - 8

14.B Laninovich - 7

15.Vince Friese - 6

16.Max Anstie - 5

17.Ryan Marmont - 4

18.J Richardson - 3

19.Martin Davalos - 2

20.Christian Craig - 1

Supercross Point Standings

1.Ryan Villopoto - 25

2.Chad Reed - 22

3.Ryan Dungey - 20

4.Justin Brayton - 18

5.Jake Weimer - 16

6.James Stewart - 15

7.Andrew Short - 14

8.Kevin Windham - 13

9.Mike Alessi - 12

10.Josh Hansen - 11

11.Brett Metcalfe - 10

12.Broc Tickle - 9

13.Ivan Tedesco - 8

14.Kyle Chisholm - 7

15.Ryan Morais - 6

16.Davi Millsaps - 5

17.J Albertson - 4

18.Chris Blose - 3

19.Josh Grant - 2

20.Thomas Hahn - 1