Supercross rocked Texas this weekend ..... and it rocked Chad Reed as well!!

Time for Motorcycle Monday on KLAQ; brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports! 910 Livingston in the Upper Valley … now offering zero percent financing on all Suzuki motorcycles so get your new dirt bike and head out to xmoto ball! The dirt starts flying March 24 2012!!

The D is for Dallas and V is STILL for victory as Villopoto does it again!!

The East regional series began in Dallas and The 4 Horseman … Villopoto, Reed, Dungey and Stewart … were all over it! Rainy in Dallas, but inside a beautiful track was laid out as about 53,000 of the faithful gathered for round 7.

Some excitement in Heat 1 as an accident takes Dungey down and leaves him with a 9th place finish.  He's ok though and moves on to what will be a pretty good day for him!!

Heat 2 = good racing, no accidents!

The Main Event!! Alessi gets the hole shot, Villopoto and Reed went right around him, though Reed was headed for disaster. Coming up short on a triple, Reed wiped out and his day ended right there! My man Dungey had a rough start but was able to battle his way back to second finishing right behind Villopoto. Jake Weimer fills out the podium and there you go, Dallas is Done!!

Final results and current points standings are below as well as the Lites results!!  You can also spend a few minutes with Villopoto in the video below!

Another quiet weekend here in El Chuco! Props to The Mad Hatters though, who celebrated another year rolling as an MC! Congrats guys, heres to many more!

There it went, the fastest couple of minutes in radio “Motorcycle Monday” brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports ... test ride a Victory yet?? ... and KLAQ, El Paso’ best rock!!

Supercross Results

1. R. Villopoto KAW

2. R. Dungey KTM

3. J. Weimer KAW

4. M. Alessi SUZ

5. J. Hansen KAW

6. J. Stewart YAM

7. K. Windham HON

8. B. Metcalfe SUZ

9. J. Brayton HON

10. K. Chisholm KAW

11. B. Tickle KAW

12. Nick Wey KAW

13. K. Patridge KAW

14. R. Kiniry YAM

15. D. Millsaps YAM

16. M. Goerke SUZ

17. G. Faith HON

18. N. Izzi YAM

19. J. Alessi SUZ

20. C. Reed HON

Supercross Points

 Ryan Villopoto 158

Ryan Dungey 145

Chad Reed 128

James Stewart 116

Jake Weimer 92

Kevin Windham 92

Brett Metcalfe 88

Mike Alessi 81

Josh Hansen 80

Justin Brayton 80

Davi Millsaps 76

Kyle Chisholm 67

Andrew Short 59

Broc Tickle 54

Nick Wey 44

Kyle Partridge 25

Weston Peick 24

Ivan Tedesco 21

Robert Kiniry 17

Cody Mackie 14

250 Lites East Results

1. Justin Barcia HON

2. D. Durham KAW

3. Ken Roczen KTM

4. B. Wharton SUZ

5. P. Nicoletti HON

6. M. Stewart KTM

7. J. Canada HON

8. PJ Larsen KTM

9. C. Thompson HON

10. L. Vincent KTM

11. A. Martin HON

12. H. Hewitt SUZ

13. A. Politelli HON

14. J. Bogle HON

15. B. Baggett KAW

16. Les Smith KTM

17. A. Pellegrini SUZ

18. Sean Hackley KTM

19. M. Lemoine KAW

20. K. Cunningham YAM

250 Lites East Points

 J. Barcia 25

D. Durham 22

K. Roczen 20

B. Wharton 18

P. Nicoletti 16

M. Stewart 15

J. Canada 14

PJ Larsen 13

C. Thompson 12

L. Vincent 11

A. Martin 10

H. Hewitt 9

A. Politelli 8

J. Bogle 7

B. Bogle 6

Les Smith 5

A. Pellegrini 4

S. Hackley 3

M. Lemoine 2

K. Cunningham 1


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