For the Badass of the Week, I've been obsessing over this historical figure because I think she's so amazing. An ancient Mongolian warrior princess who is known for her skill in battle, as well as her hand to hand combat. Or should I say body-to-body wrestling ability. Khutulun was a noblewoman who lived in the 13th century and was a relative of Kublai Khan. Her father founded the U.N. dynasty in China and spent most of his life warring with his cousin Khan. Women in Mongolia didn't shy away from a battle and were known for shooting with bows and fighting on horseback. While this was impressive enough, Khutulun went even farther with her signature battle move. Khutulun would bravery charge into the enemy ranks and yanked an enemy soldier off his horse and drag him back to her troops with him still in her hand. The move was so impressive explorer Marco Polo compared Khutulun in a battle to "a hawk pouncing on its prey."

On top of all of these impressive qualities, Khutulun was an undefeated wrestler. When her father wanted her to get married, she proposed a different kind of proposal. If you could beat the warrior in a wrestling match, you could win her hand in marriage. If the suitor lost, he would have to gift her with 100 horses. After many men tried and failed to win her hand, she ended up with over 10,000 horses. Sadly, her father's enemies made up vicious rumors that she and her dad had more of a Lannister type relationship so to squash them she ended up marrying one of his followers. Her father did indeed have a close relationship with his daughter, but not in that Targaryen type of way. She was one of his most trusted political advisors and a strong supporter and he wanted to make her his successor. Unfortunately, she couldn't be, simply because of her sex but her impressive legacy lives on to this day. When a Mongolian wrestler wins a match to this day, they still honor the famed wrestler. Learn more about Khutulun in the video above.


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