On one of my visits to El Paso about three years ago, my self-esteem was completely shattered by the ratings of an app called the Ugly Meter, which scans your face and lets you know how ugly, or attractive, you are.

When I scanned my face back then, the app declared me to be "borderline offensive," and rated me a 6 out of a possible 100. We downloaded the app again this morning, and while I hoped for better results, I had no such luck.

Although the app has changed a bit since the last time we used it, it still stood by its ratings of me, and still declared Buzz to be the hottie of the group, or more specifically, "So hot, he makes the devil sweat."

Although the app told me this time that I'm "So ugly, I went to a freak show and got a permanent job," on first scan and that "Any similarity between me and a human is purely coincidental" on second scan, Monster was still the ugliest of us all, getting a 10 out of a possible 10 ugly points and "So ugly, you make blind kids cry."

Monster and I aren't the only ugly ones this time around, Lauren joined our ranks, with the app telling her "You look like you got stuck in a dryer full of rocks."

Intern Emily was right behind Buzz in hotness, with the app telling her "You're so sexy, astronauts want to explore Uranus."

Ugly Meter App: Monster, Emily
Ugly Meter App

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