The hottest new app on the market is the Ugly Meter app, which scans your face and lets you know how ugly you are. Being a masochistic crew, we had to scan our own faces to see just how ugly (or not) we are. Here's what the app had to say:

Buzz was first up, and quite pleased with the results. After scanning his facial structure, the app ruled Buzz as being average, scoring 60 points out of 100, 100 being the most attractive.

Buzz Ugly Meter

Next up was Duke, who also rated average, with 50 points out of 100.

Duke Ugly Meter

The best result from the app was on Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babe, who let out an audible gasp when the app rated her. The app claims Stephanie is "borderline offensive" and rated her beauty to be a 6 out of a possible 100.

Stephanie Ugly Meter

Next up was Teresa, who the app rated as the most attractive on the Morning Show, scoring 71 out of a possible 100.

Teresa Ugly Meter

The app also rated Monster as being less than attractive, ranking at 29 points out of 100.

Monster Ugly Meter

The app is available in the iTunes store as well as the Android market, although Stephanie doesn't recommend purchasing it.

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