El Paso just keeps on shining bright in the spotlight lately! We have been getting recognition a lot lately thanks to some of our former locals. Just to name a few such as Khalid, Elia Esparza, Andrew who made it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and now Romina Cenisio. She is living all the way in Manhattan and of all places to do a photo shoot, she chose her own hometown!

I got to admit though the places she chose are the places we also enjoyed visiting on occasion. Romina Cenisio wanted to show off her roots along with her fashion line to all readers of the Vogue fashion magazine. The locations she picked for the Infinite Project were Red Sands, White Sands, Rio Grande, and Juarez. Romina Cenisio definitely put her brains to work since she created her line of dresses out of recycled plastic bottles. If you don't' read Vogue, next time you're in line at the grocery store be sure to check it out!

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