We are getting down the final monsters in Movie Monster Madness. We are down to 8 monsters. Over the next 4 days, a new match up will be up for you to vote on. The first matchup? Freddy Krueger vs Xenomorph (Alien).

How has the tournament gone so far for each of today's contestants? For Freddy, it's pretty a cake walk so far. He was able to get through Pumpkinhead very easily in round one, and was also able to get past the Wolf Man into the quarterfinals. Xenomorph, or more commonly known as Alien almost didn't make it out of the first round. Alien took on a well known foe, Predator in the opening round. At the beginning, it looked like Predator was going to run away with it, taking an early, commanding lead. But Alien wasn't going to be outdone, and the votes came in a giant flood towards the end of the round. And in round 2 it was close, but not really in question as Alien was able to get past Jigsaw.

Now, it's time to vote! Which movie monster is better? Again, you can use whatever criteria you want. Which monster would win in a fight? Which monster is more badass? Which monster was more terrifying? Which monster has the better movies? However you want to vote it completely up to you. And this time, you don't have to wait for the next matchup to load because we're only doing one at a time. Voting for this matchup will come to a close on Friday, October 23rd at 8am Mountain Time.


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