Day 3 of the quarterfinals is happening! This time we're looking at Jason Voorhees vs Dracula. If you haven't voted on the first two matchups, be sure to do that.

CLICK HERE to vote between Jason Voorhees and Pinhead. As I'm writing this, this one is s bit of a surprise because Pinhead is running away with it.

CLICK HERE to vote between Freddy Krueger and Alien. This one is a bit closer. Freddy is still winning, but Alien certainly isn't completely out of it. We could possibly see Jason and Freddy out before the final four.

Again, you can use whatever criteria you want. Which monster would win in a fight? Which monster is more badass? Which monster was more terrifying? Which monster has the better movies? However you want to vote it completely up to you. And this time, you don't have to wait for the next matchup to load because we're only doing one at a time. Voting for this matchup will come to a close on Sunday, October 25th at 8am Mountain Time. You can also vote as many times as you want, so if you want to stuff the ballot box, feel free to do so and vote as frequently as you would like.

We're going to keep eliminating monsters until we get down to one final monster standing by Halloween. We started with 32 and we're currently down to eight. Tomorrow, the final of the four matchups will be put up, so be on the look out for that to vote and help us decide, who is the greatest movie monster of all time.


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