Mash-up (mash-uhp)- Noun

1.) A recording that combines vocal and/or instrumental tracks from two or more separated recording
2.) A creative combination or mixing of content from different sources

Monday Morning (muhn-dey mawr-ning)-Noun

1.) The day of the week the Buzz Adams Morning Show is least likely to have adequately prepared for their show and are in most need of a regular feature that doesn’t require much effort on their part.

Today’s Mash-up is from YouTuber and musician Andy Rehfeldt.

Mash-Ups, in my opinion, are always best when the genres are very non-homogenous. Mashing up two rap songs can be cool but mashing up a rap song with a polka is really, really cool.

Today’s Mash-up fits that “non-homogenous” description. It’s Slayer’s “Angel of Death” mashed with the Theme Song from the Benny Hill Show (actually titled “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph). Genius!

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