Not Moms and Playboy, Moms IN  Playboy!!

I stumbled across a story earlier about the upcoming Jennny McCarthy edition of Playboy.  Some people seem to think that it's bad for her to appear nude in the magazine (again!) because she is a Mother now.  I guess some people feel that will somehow negatively impact the child. 

(The only negative impact it would have had in my family probably would have been on  my Mom herself.  She would have gone insane with every freakin' one of my friends wanting to be over at the house 24/7!!)

Anyway, so apparently it's bad for Jenny because she's a Mom.  As opposed to the other Playmates??  Being that Playboy Playmates are usually 20-somethings just getting started with modeling, acting, singing (porn??) careers; I don't think a "no Moms" clause is going to hold up well.  Not when you consider that every single one of them is, at the least, a potential Mom.

What effect it has on the kid(s) I guess could go either way.  Same for an actresses' child after they do a nude scene in a movie or play though wouldn't you think?  Yet, no one is screaming for Angelina Jolie to keep her shirt on! (Quite the opposite I would imagine!!)

Anyway, I'm curious; what do you guys here in the Borderland think??  Should Moms (current or pending) pose for Playboy? 

Do nude movie scenes?

Keep in mind also that Playboy has always kept their photo shoots (dare I say it?) fairly classy. What about other more ... ahem ... "extreme" publications? No Moms allowed??

For that matter; what about situations where there's no nudity, but outfits that are a little 'daring'?  Let's follow this all the way through; would it be bad for Moms to work at places like Hooters? The Playboy clubs?  Pretty much anywhere in Vegas??

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