Mexican weather girls may be some of the most beautiful, but this Romanian bombshell is giving them some serious competition. Not to mention the jumping jacks.

We've seen plenty of absolutely stunning weather girls from Mexican television stations. It seems that wearing tight, low-cut dresses are almost a necessity for their meteorologists there and apparently also in Romania.

Meet the beautiful Roxana Vancea, the Romanian beauty decided to do randomly perform jumping jacks during her weather broadcast and showed off the goods. The busty brunette spilled out of her low cut dress suffering a nip-slip. We have the edited version you can check out above, but you can see the unedited version here.

After seeing the video, you may want to see more of the gorgeous Roxana. Lucky for you, I found her Instagram. The original video is from 2014 and it looks like since then, the 25 year-old Vancea got some serious tattoos and has been in the gym working out nonstop. Check out her beautiful photos below.

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