Guys, it never fails. Your lady wants some sexy new lingerie or, maybe a new bikini and you have to go buy it. Finding it's easy, sizing it isn't.

Guys, we're useless at picking out bras and bikini tops for our girls because we don't know sh** about their sizes. (Turns out there are 7 by the way and, just for giggles, there's a video on how to make any bra cleavage friendly.)

Adjectives such as huge, magnificent, perfect, etc don't help. Neither do comments like "they fit in my hand" or "she's built like a 12 year old boy". Saying "they're just like yours" is awkward and statements like "they're way bigger than yours" will not win you any favor with salesgirls.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Third Love, we now have a guide that we can just point at! Just print it, snap a picture with your cell phone and you'll always be prepared.

You're welcome.

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