The Los Angeles-based pizza company MidiCi Neopolitan Pizza opened on the west side of El Paso in 2017 but it looks like the business has already closed. Back in April 2017, the west side of El Paso welcomed a new pizza restaurant on Mesa Street. The Los Angeles- based MidiCi Neopolitan Pizza was looking to expand their brand in 2017 by opening 50 stores in 2017 and the west side El Paso location was the 6th opened. The owner of the El Paso franchise had planned to open two additional locations on the far west side and the east side of El Paso. The restaurant served pizzas and salads made of fresh, high-quality ingredients in their open-air kitchen which was the center focal-point of the store.

Sadly, it looks like MidiCi Neopolitan Pizza is already closed down on Mesa Street. KFox and CBS4 reporter Adriana Candelaria tweeted out a photo last week showing the restaurant closed down, with all the signage already taken down:

The word on the reason why the restaurant closed or if they will be opening more in El Paso. A look at the company's website shows that there are no locations shown anymore in the borderland.

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