A recent campaign ad for conservative congressional candidate Diego Leyva, has some people a little annoyed with his decision to dance instead of making a serious video. I think I would like to see Hillary Clinton bust out with some sweet dance movies during her campaign run.

According to Fusion, the ad features the National Action Party candidate dancing around in "Mexican pointy boots" to tribal music, "an up-and-coming genre that mixes pre-Hispanic and African sounds with electronic cumbia."

TRANSLATION: “Diego Leyva is a campaign clown who believes voters are children he has to entertain with buffoonery.”

TRANSLATION: “Diego Leyva is mocking the intelligence of Mexicans. Guanajuato, for God’s sake, do not give a single vote to that man, have mercy.”

Not sure how this video is going to affect Leyva's campaign, but I think this is something Americans need to start doing. Someone needs to jump on that 'Uptown Funk' campaign train, soon!

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