Cardi B., who is very polarizing herself, has started a war between Hispanic nations after she posted the following video.

With no description or anything else, people in the comments lost it.

Many were confused and didn't know what it was.


To me, and to many others, it looks like menudo, right? (No, not the boy band).

Well, we could be wrong because others were quick to correct the menudo gang and say that it is actually a dish called "mondongo"- which originates from the Dominican Republic.

So is there a difference? Yes, apparently there is. According to Dominican Cooking's website, Mondongo soup is made of tripe and different vegetables that are added depending on who's making it. The article does state that elsewhere, mondongo can also be referred to as menudo.

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However, Dominican Twitter was very upset that Mexicans were calling it menudo.

Cardi's fans were very divided on what she was eating, despite the fact that mondongo and menudo are more or less the same thing. However, I do understand. Food is very personal to some cultures. I don't, however, accept the bashing of other people's cultures.

So, yeah, maybe Cardi was totally eating mondongo. She's Dominican and mondongo is a Dominican dish. In the end, Cardi didn't it call it one or the other, when someone told her it was menudo, she replied back.

It's cow tripe- plain and simple. So what did we learn today? Cow tripe is universal and can be prepared any way around the world; what we call menudo can be someone else's mondongo. I'm sure we call agree though, menudo the morning after drinking is the best.




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