Either Saturday, Sunday, or both mornings are reserved for menudo. There are some Hispanic families that crave it often. Not only that usually menudo is a must partying all night after a wedding or a Quinceanera.

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Almost every Hispanic enjoys the taste of menudo. Now some families will either go out to eat it or bring it home. Some of us remember the day's Village Inn would offer unlimited menudo.

Usually, after the last call, the after-party would be at Village Inn. Mainly for the all-you-can-eat menudo. But there is something some Hispanic families do when ordering menudo to-go.

A friend of mine Francisco Romero had an honest and serious question. Now, his question got me wondering the same thing. He wonders if Mexicans are the only ones that take their big pots to be filled with menudo to restaurants.

Everyone in my family is very familiar with this concept. The main reason my relatives take their own pot to fill is simply to have leftovers. After growing up in a Hispanic household you would think I would love menudo.

But instead, I only crave it sporadically. But in all honesty, I have only spotted Hispanics taking in their own pot to have filled with menudo. Francisco Romero made a valid point asking if Louisiana natives take their pots to order gumbo to-go.

Here is where your two cents come in handy. I would like for you to share your opinion about this in the poll directly below. But we're almost to the weekend which means it's almost time for menudo.

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