Megadeth fans will now have to continue to have the patience to rock out at their show, until next year.

Megadeth's original tour date for El Paso was set for Sunday, October 11 at the Don Haskins Center. Just yesterday, my friend shared that the band had rescheduled their show for October. Honestly, though, Megadeth rescheduling their tour dates shouldn't come as a surprise.

Hell, look at all the other bands that had to reschedule or cancel due to COVID-19. Thankfully, Megade\th didn't cancel but just move around some dates and push it until next year.

I definitely feel your pain Megadeth fans, since the same thing happened to my favorite band the Deftones last month.

Never say never but in my case, I have never seen Megadeth in concert.

In fact, my first time seeing Megadeath would have been in October. My friend Georgie invited me to be his plus one, but now that could change over time.

Rescheduling their tour dates is for the best because COVID-19 is no joke.

Just think about how comfortable you will feel seeing them next year instead of months from now. Although we're all hoping for a miracle for COVID-19 wrapping up the continuous spread before this year ends. For now, the best thing to do is reschedule their tour entirely for the safety of others including them as well.

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