For 5 years, Tricky Falls has brought live shows and events to El Paso. The people behind those shows are totally some of El Paso's most unsung heroes.

Wanting to give them the props they so deserve, I asked for brief histories from the 4 partners. Brief doesn't do them justice but, honestly, telling the whole story would fill a book. So, here's a quick peek at 2 of the 4 brains behind Tricky Falls, Bobbie Welch and Luis Mota:


Director of Special Events at UTEP for eight years. Booking & Marketing Coordinator at NMSU for nineteen years.  Produced numerous other concerts and events at almost every possible live entertainment venue, including the Coliseum, Abraham Chavez Theatre, the Convention Center, McKelligan Canyon Amphitheatre, Club 101, E9, almost every incarnation of Tricky in her former lives, Club Vallare, and a plethora of others.  Some of her most memorable shows include U2 at the Sun Bowl, Metallica at the Pan Am Center (during that freak snowstorm that stranded half the crowd in Cruces), many Warped Tours, two days of Morrissey at Club Vallare with broken air conditioners, (the hotter than blazes tour), Henry Rollins in El Paso High School's Auditorium; every incarnation of Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the area, Evanescence at McKelligan Canyon and sooo many shows at Tricky. From Mogwai, (her personal favorite), to Green Day.


Has managed bands, been a tour manager for bands, (currently with Russian Circles), and has also been a booking agent and stage/production manager for big music festivals including the Texas Showdown. A life long fan of music, he's been in the promotion business since 1996. He's worked with several El Paso clubs like Cantina La Tuya, E9, Club 101, T Lounge, and more. Outside of El Paso, he booked for and/or managed the Launchpad, the Sunshine Theater and Low Spirits in Albuquerque as well as the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle.

Basically, if you've ever seen a live show in/around El Paso at least one of these two was probably  behind it! The other 2 TF partners, Gabe Gonzalez and Jim Ward, will be featured in part 2. (They're sort of a band themselves.) Tricky Falls 5th anniversary celebration kicks off tomorrow, 8/19.

Facebook/Tricky Falls
Facebook/Tricky Falls

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