When you get a craving for McDonald's you can't help but sometimes feel indecisive when you pull up to order. There are people who get amped up when they hear the McRib is making a comeback. But those people who enjoy eating at McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometimes struggle about to order.

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Now it seems McDonald's has caught on to the indecisive people in El Paso recently. An El Paso man happened to be driving down N. Mesa street when the McDonald's sign caught his eye.

No, the sign didn't have anything about specials but did have the words that come out of your mouth when ordering. Normally, we usually say that phrase when we are trying to buy time and hurry up with our final decision.

I can totally relate to the message on the sign because I do it too at certain places. Paul Christopher Michael Rangel-Diaz had to pull over and snap a picture of the funny message McDonald's had posted a few days earlier.

As you can see above, McDonald's totally put the indecisive people on blast with the message on their sign. The time I have ever used that phrase at McDonald's is when I am trying to decide if I want hot or iced coffee.

But in my opinion, I believe the McDonald's near UTEP knocked this one out of the park. I am curious about how many people in El Paso order like this at McDonald's so place your vote in the poll below.

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