Max Payne knows his way around firearms.

‘Max Payne 3′ sees the return of Rockstar Games’ famous character. In the nine years since we last saw him Max’s character has been through a rough patch, to put it mildly. His addiction to painkillers and alcohol worsened and due to some troubles he ended up leaving the NYPD. Relocating to Sao Paulo Brazil as a gun for hire for a wealthy family lands him in even more trouble. So much for retirement.

Fortunately, if there’s one thing Payne knows, it’s guns. This is the game that did bullet-time earlier and better than anyone, after all.

Rockstar has released some trailers showcasing some of the weaponry. First up, the latest trailer featuring a nice variety of SMGs. Check out the awesome reloading.

Next up is the 606 Bull, a .357 calibur weapon that holds eight rounds. Certainly going to be a one shot, one kill kind of gun. Should be interesting to see how these handle in the multiplayer modes.

Looking for something with a bit more range? Go for the Mini-30 rifle and blast enemy’s heads off from a distance.

Good to have Max back, and damn if this isn’t looking like a violent, fun time.  ’Max Payne 3′  hits stores May 15th.

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