This weekend was the “friends and family” soft opening for Genghis Grill in Las Cruces. They officially opened today, so here’s a preview of the heavenly deliciousness you can expect to experience. Warning: This is a wildly one-sided review.

First, this Genghis Grill is one of only two “progressive-style” GG’s in the country. Not quite sure what that means, but I was pretty stoked that I could order and pay with a fancy doodad on my table. The less I have to talk to my server, the more time I have to stuff my face. Win-Win. This little computer sits on your table and you can order directly from it, pay your tab with a credit card, and even play trivia games and doodle for an extra .99 cents, which I almost bought for the screaming toddler at the next table.

So if you’ve never been to Genghis Grill, here’s the rundown. You can order off a menu or choose to make your own bowl of deliciousness. I ask you, why would you let anyone make it for you when you can choose your own concoction down to the last bean sprout? Naturally, you’ll want the adventure of making your own bowl, being your own boss, choosing your own DESTINY!

Ok, settle down. Let's get in line. First you choose your meats. One or two, or all ten. No one is stopping you.

Then you choose your spices. One or two, but not ten because you’re a reasonable person.

Then your veggies. You can have as many as you want, just like the meat, but don’t you DARE touch those water chestnuts because I plan on scooping the entire bowl into my tray. Keep walking.

Then you choose one of a dozen different sauces, of which I don’t have a photo because I was so excited about the water chestnuts.  After that, you drop your bowl off to the ninja cooks. They move so quickly you can barely see them with the naked eye. I have a really good camera. This is them cooking the food while playing Pick Up Stix.

Here’s the deliciousness when completed.

The general manager told me they're planning to build two more Genghis Grill locations in El Paso, in addition to the one of the Eastside. The first will be near the Red Lobster and P.F. Chang’s at Sunland Park. The second will go at the new mall, the Fountains at Farrah. Construction on them is set to begin "sometime after the holidays."