There is a Public Service Announcement that must have left you stunned.

The PSA is about following safety precautions during a pandemic. It wasn’t the message that left us stunned, it was a familiar face you have missed seeing in front of the camera, in front of the camera, again.

You used to see her on a daily through KTSM News channel 9.

Think you know?

With just a slight scroll, you will find out!

anxcios young girl

If you guessed Felipa Solis, you’re correct.

I remember getting older and looking up to her as a young girl growing up. You also must remember watching Felipa Solis on the news from time to time.

I had always wondered how she was doing until I stumbled upon the PSA she was a part of. Seeing Felipa Solis in front of the camera again giving us a heart to heart was a nice feeling.

There were other local celebrities part of the message for our community.

But Felipa Solis was the one that really stood out the most to me. Heck, after seeing her on television again after so long the actual words “Aw, oh my God” came out of my mouth.

My heart broke when Felipa Solis stepped away from the spotlight. But to see her step back in to spread awareness to our community. From the looks of the PSA Felipa Solis still feels at home in front of the camera and it shows.

She was able to share her opinion or critique of the movie Mulan on news channel 9 not too long ago. But it sure was nice to see a familiar face you enjoyed seeing again after so long.

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