Jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon, Al Lowe and Replay Games have taken to the crowd-funding site to help finance their remake of Leisure Suit Larry in Land of the Lounge Lizards. 

First released by Sierra in 1987, the series revolves around a skeevy character named Larry Laffer who spends most of the many (many) games he starred in trying to hook up with women. It was one of the most notorious games of its time due to its sexual content, even though the games are pretty tongue-in-cheek. Take that as you will, but, it’s hard to think of many other games where the entire goal is to get laid.

Seeing as how Doublefine is putting out an adventure game and Wasteland 2 is well on its way to being funded, it seems like the perfect moment for Larry’s return. Gamers seem to agree- as of the moment this article was written they’ve already raised 90k of their $500,000 goal, in less than one day. With 29 more to go it’s certainly going to be successful, and we’ll all soon bask in an HD remake of the first game. Fifteen bucks gets you a digital copy with all sorts of other rewards for more money, even leading up to them putting you in the actual game for a few grand.

We have to say, we love this trend of kickstarting old classic games that no publisher would touch otherwise. (Tex Murphy is also getting a Kickstarter project in the days to come!) If Leisure Suit Larry is successful, expect more games in the series in the future- perhaps even the infamous nonexistant fourth title, The Missing Floppies.

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