The new Single from In This Moment, "Whore", features quite a bit of singer Maria Brink as she shows off a little rear end and back boob!

In This Moment are a great band fronted by one of the hottest women in rock, Maria Brink!!

Maria fronts In This Moment with her amazing combination of talent, beauty, sexiness and that incredible voice! I've been a fan for years (Find out Dubba G's connection to ITM by clicking here and here!) and with each release, they just keep getting better!

The latest single from Blood is "Whore" (Women Honoring One Another Rising Eternally) which is an acronym Maria says she created to:

give new meaning to the term and try to take away from some of the derogatory connotation of the word.  This is an honest and raw movement that needs to be heard! The message behind this song is taking back control. It is about taking the power from a disgusting and degrading word and turning it back around on the accuser. It’s about self empowerment, love, and liberation.”

As for the provocative cover art, Maria went on to say:

I decided to pose nude for the visual art for ‘Whore’ to evoke a raw vulnerable emotion. The word ‘whore’ written down my back, and the dunce cap symbolize me placing myself on the stake for those who are suffering and I can only hope to encourage at least one person to find the self worth and love they deserve to transcend out of a painful situation into a beautiful one. It is about finding our power and taking a stand. We are resilient beings and need to realize our incredible strengths. I will not bow down to others perceptions of me. I will only rise in the name of art, love and music.”

Great band, great song, great idealogy and, most of all, GREAT PIC!!