Not only did the Denver Broncos disappoint everyone by getting destroyed by the Seattle Seahawks, the commercials were pretty bad too. Do you agree?

Super Bowl commercials are a major part of the big game but this year, many people were disappointed. Some people think because most of the commercials were released before game day, that took away the excitement. Other commercials just pissed off some people like Coco-Cola's "It's Beautiful" ad.

The idea for this commercial had Americans singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages, to showcase the lifestyles, origins and colors of Americans. Of course, this pissed off tons of people and they took out their anger the only way they knew how, social media.  Do you love or hate this ad?

Only a few ads seemed to excite people like the muppets and Terry Crews ad for Toyota and movie trailers like Transformers and The Amazing Spider-Man. Did you enjoy the commercials this year or were you pretty disappointed? I didn't really have a favorite but I did enjoy the Full House reunion commercials! Check out a few of the commercials making headlines today.