It's always dangerous when you make a bet with someone but even scarier when it's your own friend. Perfect example, Ramon Galaviz had his friend follow through a bet which you probably witnessed yesterday, on Sunday.

Well, just yesterday Ramon's friend kept his part of the deal since he finished last in Fantasy Football. I don't like making bets because of crazy things family and friends make you do if you lose. Like for example, Eric must have had high hopes for his Fantasy Football pick. Ramon Galaviz felt so proud for his buddy keeping his word and going through with the bet. Since Eric came in last, he had to put on a dress, stand near Zaragoza road holding a poster board. The poster board had a special message for strangers to read that basically said he wasn't homeless and how he came in last. Eric got a lot of looks, honks, and was even featured on Fitfamep's Instagram story. This is just another reason why it is NEVER safe to make bets with anyone. Now this just makes you wonder what the prize was for whoever came in first in Fantasy Football.

Eric definitely deserves the major props for keeping his word and following through with this bet!

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