Apparently the marriage didn't either, but who has time for trivialities?


Why did I not see this yesterday? This has WTF Wednesday written all over it .......

This bonehead got married in 2003, was divorced around 2008 and is just now getting around to suing the wedding photographer over messing up the pictures.

He says they missed part of the dance and the bouquet toss among other things and ... get this ... he wants the photography studio to give him back his money. PLUS 48k to re-do the entire wedding so he can get good pictures.  Of a wedding that didn't work out.

See???????  Insert WTF here.

I don't see this guy winning this suit. Not only is it STUPID; the groom doesn't even know where his ex IS anymore!!

Seriously, I don't make this stuff up.  Read more at 

I leave you with two questions: 

1) Where the hell is Latvia?? 

2) Do you think he'll try suing the minister as well since the union didn't hold up??

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