Anthony Kulkamp found out he had a tumor fifteen days after his son was born. Only 33-years-old, he underwent surgery to remove the tumor. What seems like an incredibly intense situation was turned into a beautiful moment, thanks to a Beatles song.

Kulkamp has been playing guitar for 20 years and gave a beautiful performance of the Beatles song, "Yesterday." The surgeons not only thought his playing was impressive but his ability to remember the chords and lyrics, since the tumor was causing him to stutter and forget everyday things.

According to DailyDot, it's common for surgeons to keep the patient awake during brain surgery so they can monitor certain areas in real time. Luckily, Kulkamp was able to perform six songs throughout his surgery and rest when he needed to. He says he needed to rest due to his right side being weak, since they were operating on that side of his brain.

I wish Kulkamp a speedy recovery and hope he can play even more beautiful songs in the future.

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