If I wanted to get hit in the face with something it would only be with a wad of cash I could keep, unlike this dude! When you see people pulling off a dumb stunt like this either shows they don't have much to do in their hometown or they're wanting to meet God.

These guys that go by the name of P.O.R Stunts concoct the most insane stunts for your entertainment. Their painful stunts could land them in the hospital or land them a spot buried under the ground. One of their crazy missions involved being flown into mid-air while riding a boat being pulled at a fast speed. The good thing with that stunt was he was able to complain about the pain instead of being knocked out. It would be awesome if their insane mission above knocked some sense into these dudes.

If you could go for some crazy entertainment at the cost of someone else's life, watch these dudes!

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