The way we (humans) populate the world is exactly how the insects populate their world too. Usually Science has the most fans because of all the ingredients you get to test and play around with or learn about.

AliasAnimo records a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach in the middle of giving birth to her little roaches. The video above shows you already that the sak was already cut open as the mini roaches are slowly crawling out and away. It's crazy knowing us women are able to get an epidural before pushing out a child but roaches do it all natural. The funny thing is they're some what similar to us when we were born is the color change. The baby roaches come out white like rice as we come out blue once spanked our skin flushes to pink. It's interesting to learn or watch events that happen in human life happen in theirs too.

If you ever wondered what it looks like as a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is giving birth, watch above!

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