This past week we've kind of gone down a rabbit hole of crazy city hall meetings. Thanks to Buzz and his thorough research, we got to hear a man petition for "happy endings" to be legal at massage parlors. Then, a few days later we hear from the Las Cruces man who wanted to grow cocoa and be recognized as a the king of Nuevo Mexico.  Well, this one may reach a whole different level of weird.

She also had a different complaint about the newly added palm trees on the median of her street.

"Someone is going to be killed in that jungle. It’s becoming a jungle. I show that in the slides I brought today, how this thing is transforming, and nobody is taking care of that," Polastri said.

This wasn't the first time Polastri has addressed the issue. Last month she took a bag of dead cockroaches and handed it to the Interim City Manager. According to a city council member, after that incident, he went out on location to address her complaints and he didn't see any cockroaches or rodents. He also found that the residents actually preferred the newly installed palm trees. But Polastri countered that by saying: 

"He also forgot to mention that we met in the middle of the day, and everybody knows that roaches and rodents are nocturnal."

What will be next for Polastri? Who knows, we'll have to wait for the next city council for an update. 



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