This Thursday, the El Paso Museum of History will have a Memorial Exhibition the public can attend to remember and honor the victims of the August 3rd shooting. The City of El Paso, El Paso County, and the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center are coming together to host various events around the city and online to honor the 23 victims of the August 3rd El Paso Walmart shooting. The Love For El Paso events will bring people together to honor the loved ones lost on that day and unite a community that is still healing from those horrific events. The commemoration events will be held throughout El Paso and will incorporate various aspects of El Paso history, lifestyle, and culture.

The El Paso Museum of History will have a memorial exhibition that will feature artifacts that were left at the memorial site behind the Walmart location. The site behind the Walmart became the location many came to leave mementos and pray for the victims of the shooting. Perishable items were discarded but others were kept and stored and now we will be seeing those items again for the first time in many months. Images will also be displayed from the DIGIE archive. You can submit your own pictures and memories for the exhibit on the Digie website. The exhibit is sure to be emotional and bring back some difficult memories for some, but it will be a good way to remember how the City and people came together in the days and weeks after.

The El Paso Museum of History's Memorial Exhibition will begin Thursday, July 30th at 6 p.m. The El Paso Museum of History is located at 510 North Santa Fe Street.
find more information about the El Paso Museum of History at their website, Facebook Page, or Instagram page.

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