Family game night just got more intense!

Lotería, the popular Mexican and Latin American game of chance, often referred to as "Mexican Bingo", has gained popularity beyond Mexico's borders and is enjoyed around the world! Every time you play, you have to have someone call out the cards; La Sirena! El sol! La rosa!


There are a variety of themed Lotería- there's the new Millennial Lotería and the COVID edition of Lotería- there's even a petty way to play, if you're brave enough, it's called "ex lotería" you can read about it here. The game can get intense, kind of like when you play Uno!

If you're the one calling the cards and also playing the game, it can get a little hard to keep up; not to mention that sometimes you are accused of rigging the game!

So trust me when I say that this new app will change your life; and your family game night! Apparently, there is a new app that will call out the cards for you, which means no one will accuse you of rigging the game! Check it out below!

This is 2023, of course everything is going digital! Also, can we note how extreme these señoras are playing? Dollar bills out and everything! I told you the game can get intense! I'm loving the comments, though.

I'ma download this because I'm tired of my sisters thinking their kids can read it.. dam game takes a whole hour now lmfao

I have to find out what app this is! I know for sure my family would love it!

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