El Catrin! La Sirena! El...Whataburger? Texas' favorite burger joint is offering downloads of their unique take on lotería with "Whataburger Lotería". Lotería means "lottery" in Spanish and is a great game to play with the whole family.  Whataburger Lotería   includes cards like "El Whataburger", "El Doble U" and "El Taquito". On Friday on Instagram, Whataburger introduced the game as a way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

You can download your very own Whataburger Lotería cards and deck to play at home by clicking here. With the download you get four tablas, or playing cards, and a deck of 36 unique and completely Whataburger themed calling cards. If you've never played  Lotería, it's follows the same rules as Bingo. However, because this is Whataburger, they the rules up a bit for us like instead of yelling out "Lotería!" when you win a round, you yell out "Whataburger". In addition, Whataburger highly suggests that the person who wins the most rounds gets treated to their favorite Whataburger meal.

I know that many people play the game of Lotería with their own rules, but the suggestion that the winner gets treated to Whataburger may be a rule I may have to incorporate with my own family. There are also other versions of Lotería available as well; like this "pandemic" Lotería set my mom bought.


Lotería is a great game to play with the whole family and having Whataburger create their version on it is just what this pandemic needed! So download yours today and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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