Lotería is game that is enjoyed by many. You can play it at parties and at kermes's, and sometimes you can win a cool prize, like a ceramic owl (which I won at the St. Anthony's Kermes a couple of years ago!). Now, Netflix is getting ready to share our love of the game Lotería to the world as they are creating a movie based on the iconic game.

Production on the film wrapped in late June and we've just gotten word that Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez will star in and produce the movie, which is being described as a "family adventure" movie. According to Variety, "Derbez will play a widowed father trying to bond with his children when some of the characters awaken from the deck of Mexican bingo cards. Derbez’s character and family find themselves journeying across the world to keep the magical cards from falling into the wrong hands – specifically, a business tycoon who is up to no good."

The film is inspired by the original Lotería Don Clemente game. The game has origins dating back to 15th century Italy, but the iconic imagery and version of the game that is played today were created and popularized by Don Clemente Jacques in 1887.

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No word yet on how the iconic symbols in the game will come to life, but I can bet that the film will be full of bright imagery. The director of the movie, James Bobin has worked on other movies like "Dora and the Lost City of Gold" and  "Alice Through the Looking Glass" which were visually appealing movies. I'm hoping this has a feel like "Jumanji" because that would be awesome! No premiere date has been announced!

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