The Millennials will never know the original Loteria that I remember playing! The only reason why I say that is because of the new Millennials Loteria they now can use. Millennials Loteria has added on to the original images with things Millennials know and love. Above, you will see who exactly is in charge and behind it all on Get It Girl. The man is Mike Alfaro, who explains each and every updated image of the Millennials Loteria game. Mike Alfaro didn't throw out the old, he just added on the new by keeping the original image and combined things Millennials know. Those things happen to be part of our everyday lives. If you're wondering, Twitter, Uber, Tinder, Selfie, and much much more! Mike Alfaro had the idea to combine our modern times with a past favorite. He did quite the job creating a new way that's funny for the Millennials to play!