Lori Loughlin could have gotten out of this with a (relatively) light slap on the wrist. But, she really didn’t feel as though she did anything all THAT wrong and her and her husband’s decision to fight this has resulted in the book being thrown at her. Felicity Huffman and others embroiled in the College Cheating scandal of 2019 have already completed their “hard” time (14 days for Huffman; 21 days for Jane Buckingham) . Loughlin could have received less than two years if she’d accepted a plea. She didn’t and now she and Mossimo are each facing 50 years.

(An aside here, and something that I think is worth discussing another time: is this REALLY how we want our justice system to work? Get off easy if you plead guilty (regardless of if you actually did it) or fight it and maybe end up spending your life in prison (again, regardless of if you actually did it). It’s the justice system’s way of saying, “Don’t make us go to the trouble and expense of giving you a fair trial…which you’re guaranteed in the Constitution…because if you do you’ll REALLY regret it”.)

Anyway, Loughlin and Mossimo’s lawyers were in court yesterday arguing that the charges should be dropped…because prosecutors “pressured” the scams ringleader into saying he was bribed. You see, Lori Loughlin didn’t think her under-the-table half a million dollar payment was a “bribe”. She thought…and I’m NOT making this up…this was the NORMAL way rich people got their kids into college!

Even if you take her word about that…and that is a HUGE leap…surely she must have known something was fishy about photo-shopping her daughters heads onto rowing athletes and sending them to USC!

It reminds me of the case of a woman accused of embezzling from her employer. She had a psychiatrist who testified that it was one of the woman’s multiple personalities that actually embezzled and that the woman was completely unaware of it.

The judge pointed out that the new Jaguar in the driveway of her new million dollar home should have made her suspect something.

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