Well, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog definitely had some words for Ted Cruz in this segment. From the looks of this video, it seems like Triumph was harsh on Ted Cruz and supportive of Beto. I only say that because of how easy he took it on Beto compared to Ted. Triumph sure was creative telling people to yell lion of the Senate. Now when you think about it, it's funny because lion sounds like you really are saying lying just minus the g. There will be sad and happy people on Wednesday once the election is over with. After all the votes have been accounted for, Ted Cruz won the majority vote. Hopefully, Triumph can give us his two cents on his thoughts about Ted Cruz winning. This campaign wasn't easy and sure did motivate a lot of younger adults to go out and vote. With all the support Beto O Rourke has had since the start, he should consider running for President of The United States!

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