A few days ago The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared a photo that had El Pasoans wondering something. This past Saturday, September 12, the UTEP Miners football team played against the UT Austin. So our UTEP Miners didn't exactly win that game and left us shocked by the final score. It wasn't as shocking as what The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared on their Instagram page. We're confused as to what UT Austin was getting at with their sign they had posted up. So as you can see in the picture the University of Texas at Austin said our most notable alumnus is Mia Khalifa. Now for some of us, yes, we're proud and take that sign about Mia Khalifa as a prop. But we also can't help but wonder if the University of Texas at Austin is complimenting or insulting UTEP. This kind of sign is questionable on their part but for us, we see it more as a compliment.

A lot of you had to leave your two cents that definitely made sense. Out of the 282 comments on the picture, there were a couple that caught my eye. For example, user unkemptmike made a good point saying UT is probably just jealous that Aaron Jones has done more than anyone from their poverty football program. Then, Jbbdad brought up how UTEP is the only school in Texas with an NCAA Men's National Championship. Now I feel they were trying to aim at insulting UTEP but did a terrible job at it. Leave your opinion on if you think UT Austin was throwing shade or giving UTEP props in the poll below.

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