I posted about a casting call for this video shoot a while back. Now, check out the finished product!

Dicodec recently filmed a James Bond - inspired video for their song "Orthodoxy".  The tongue in cheek video is a comedic look at all the Bond mainstays: car chases, fights, guns, villains and hotties.  (Although, babe-wise, the video would have been just fine without the main characters "wife".)

Check out the video above and read more about Dicodec in this excerpt from a past Local Band 101 blog:

We are DICODEC (Band) from El Paso, Tx. We are always pushing to reinvent ourselves past our Progressive Hard Rock and Metal roots. We're a fresh face in the music scene, but we've been hard at work building our catalog and refining our sound.

At the conclusion of the last musical venture, we decided to push past our own boundaries. DICODEC (Band) formed with that end in mind, and we've  hit the ground running. We've performed extensively, recorded, produced AND released our first album.