Yesterday, I did a post about how some local musicians selected a "favorite" instrument. Today, here's my favorite one!

The BEST "my favorite axe" story I've ever heard comes from my friend Cesar Soto, guitarist for Ministry and 3 Headed Snake...

This very guitar was the start to my obsession with the explorer style guitar with no explanation. Before this guitar came along, I thought it was the most hideous shape ever. My father passed in 1999 due to complications of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. My dad’s soul lives through this guitar!!!!! It makes me write things I’d never ever think of writing!!!! Amazingly, it was made on my dad’s death date. My father never had a last breath cause he continues to live through this very instrument. I can’t explain the life that runs through my hands when I play this very guitar. We continue to live forever after our bodies decide to give way!!!!! Live life to the fullest!!!

All the stories sent in were good and I wish I could have posted all of them.  (Not enough room here :/) This one was hands down the best though.

Thanks Cesar!!

Photo, Facebook/Cesar Soto
Photo, Facebook/Cesar Soto

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