Whatever they play as their main instrument, musicians usually have several of them. Designating a "favorite" usually involves a good story! 

Some are family hand-me-downs, others have amazing stories behind them ... as seen in the video above and told in the stories below!

  • Sarah - My Gibson Acoustic guitar. It was given to my Dad by my uncle. My dad loved that guitar but told me that if I learned how to play, it would be mine. I practiced and practiced, then finally I was able to play well and he gave it to me with a brand new case and strings. The most beautiful gift I could receive.
  • Erik - My 75 Harmony 12 string. It was his favorite guitar and he gave it to me to learn on. I wanted an Iceman when I was a teenager and he said no way until I learned that one first. After hours of split fingers and years of self-teaching, he bought me a 94 Strat. Even though I love my Strat, the Harmony is always my go to. Changed how I felt about music.
  • Oscar - When I was 12 my dad bought me my first acoustic guitar in one of those Korean stores downtown. My guitar teacher in school every Friday after school would teach me any rock song I wanted to learn if I would continue practicing their Spanish school music ((La Bamba, El Mariachi, etc..) 
  • Ken (Triarchy) - I got Explorer in Cali before moving here and it was in the big quake of 89. It was balanced on my nightstand in my upstairs bedroom. Long story short, it was the only thing that wasn't trashed and on the floor. it was still perfectly balanced!
  • Rudy (Not My Master) - I was at an after-party in L.A and Steve Stevens was there. He threw a Charvel guitar out the 12th-floor window, and I ran out and got it. (It got stuck in a lil tree) I went back upstairs and had him sign it. He laughed his ass off. A few scratches and all the strings were broken but, it still worked!

I got way too many stories to post 'em all, these are just the top 5.  The BEST story I got though, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to read!

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