Locals visit Monteleone's for the great food, service and the haunts which The Texas Bucket List had to see for themselves. The Texas Bucket List travels all over the Lone Star State shining the spotlight on places worthy of it. That particular place you probably have visited is Monteleone's Ristorante. The word got around to The Texas Bucket List and they had to see it to believe it.

They packed up from their last destination and headed to our Sun City for some Italian food and scares. The Texas Bucket List had one thing right about the food joint being a hot spot for hauntings. Before Monteleone's Ristorante used to have bully spirits that would hang around there. The mean spirits would actually try and harm some of the employees that would be working. But now, those spirits must have turned over a new leaf since they don't try hurting anyone anymore. The Texas Bucket List managed to catch the beer cap moving all by itself on camera. Watch The Texas Bucket List critique and interview Gary Monteleone in the video above.

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