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With Christmas coming next week, we're getting into the holiday spirit by cranking out some more Christmas tunes, including quite a few from local artists like: Little King, Still I Stand, Ron Cooper, Jay & Chambers from RockStar Studios, All Who Follow from Las Cruces, & we'll also hear two bands showing their respects to Father Krampus: Epitaph Romance & Obscurity Within.

We also will hear from Emily Davis & The Murder Police, a new song by Tale of Giants (who just released a new album this month), the local legend Jim Ward & much more.

You can hear some of the Christmas songs featured for this week's show down below:

You'll hear a lot of rocking Christmas tunes on Saturday for the KLAQ's Rocking Christmas Party but we'll also hear a couple of more Christmas tunes like the new Christmas tune from Any Given Sin: a song all about not having anything for Christmas this year except having that someone to makes you happy.  "Nothing For Christmas"

If you're a local artist, you perform in or within 200 miles of El Paso, TX & you want to send in your music for the show, you can submit your music for the next Q Connected right HERE or send me an email at daniel.paulus@townsquaremedia.com

Join me for Q Connected, Sunday Nights at 10pm on 95.5 KLAQ.

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