Dos Equis presents the KLAQ Rocking Christmas party, Saturday, December 18th from 5 pm to 9 pm.

KLAQ will play all your rockin’ seasonal favorites for four non-stop commercial-free hours, including many of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra classics.

You’ll hear the fun stuff, the funny stuff, the cool stuff, the rockin’ stuff, all the stuff that makes for the perfect rockin’ Christmas music playlist!

We know many El Pasoans will be celebrating the holiday a little early with friends, family, and coworkers, so it is only appropriate for us to provide a soundtrack for you. Other places might have their own holiday stations, but we bring you a very unique experience through your speakers.

You can also download the FREE 95.5 KLAQ app and be listening live on the app, no matter where you go. You can save the holiday party with the perfect party soundtrack in the palm of your hand, when you listen live through the free 95.5 KLAQ app.

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If you can't get the app, then make sure you switch all party radios to 95.5 KLAQ and be the life of the party.

You can also share your Christmas cheer with us by sending in any photos or videos of you and your party guests enjoying the free 95.5 KLAQ app. Simply send in your photos directly through the app or tell us your thoughts on the party music using the KLAQ app chat. Which if you did not know, is only available through the app.

No matter where you are listening to the Rockin' Christmas Party, please remember to party responsibly.

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