SayVerse are a local band with a Spanish flair, a totally hot singer, and now a cool video as well!

SayVerse haven't been around long but, they're already building quite an international success story and were recently guests at the Latin Grammys! They're signed to SS9 Records, a local studio, music school, and label owned and operated by singer/guitarist Roger Argenis. Roger and I go way back so, I asked him to tell the bands story:

I put the band together after Andrea contacted me about wanting to work together. Manny and I were in Aerial together.. And at the time we were already working on something new because we knew it was time to put Aerial to rest. It was perfect timing. I presented the project to Juan because I felt he was perfect for it and for what we are trying to accomplish. Juan is the lead singer of the band NATT based out of Mexico City. We began writing and everything came together pretty quickly. We teamed up with our good friends Mishael Coss and Gabe Esparza over at McGe productions and they helped produce our EP including our first single "Lo Siento" It's only been a few day since its release but our single is doing very well in Honduras, Costa Rica, and Venezuela at the moment.. We have radio interviews set up with a few stations out there so we're pretty stoked. The local support has also been great. We're very thankful for everything that's happening and for the support.

Visit the SayVerse website to learn more and listen for "Lo Siento" ("I'm Sorry") Sunday night, along with other local locos, on Q Connected.