The Revati boys have been busy, check out their new video.

El Paso "Local Locos" Revati have just finished up a new video for the song "Crow".  The band, Stevieray (Singer), Vlad (Guitar), Crow (Bass) and Alex (Drums) have been going at it since 2012.  They have done several tours, played all the local rock venues and done a couple of stints at the KLAQ BalloonFest.

The stop action style video features a bunch of cool characters including dogs made from beer cans and their odd, but always entertaining, alien friend. You can follow them on twitter and check out some of their other tunes on Reverb Nation.

Listen for Revati, and other El Paso "local locos" during Q Connected. Hosted by me, Dubba G, the show brings you 2 hours worth of new and local rock, every Sunday night at 10:00 pm. Right after Loudwire Reloaded on KLAQ.